Focal Pieces

Art Glass Clay

This is something new I've been working on, combining glass and clay together.  I'm please with some of the results but I have given up hope in ever learning to control what happens.
Description: AGCA1: This piece measures 42mm long X 20mm wide. The mottled coloring reminds me of a dappled grey horse. $7.50

AGCA2:  This piece measures 42X40mm  $7.00


Art Glass Clay


AGCA3:  This piece measures 42X40mm with a mix of dark browns, whites and greys with a stamped Chinese character. $7.00

AGCA4:This piece measures 50x32mm with a stamped Yei figure. $6.75


Art Glass Clay


AGCA5: This piece has some intense colors that I could never get with glaze and measures 45x35mm  $7.50

AGCA6: This piece measures 40x38mm with some softly mixed colors and accents of crackled clear teal green.  $7.00


Art Glass Clay

Description:  AGCA9: This piece has an interesting mix of crackled transparent amber and coral colors. $7.50

AGCA10: This pendant has pretty good detail for the horses.  $8.00


Art Glass Clay

Description: ARGA11: This dragonfly piece has a nice mix of colors and detail.  $7.50  ARGA12: The colors in this one are nice soft greys and creams, perfect for fall.  $7.00

Art Glass Clay


AGC7: This pendant has a very subtle blending of greys, creams and a touch of green.  $7.00


Snakeskin Agate/Hemme Jasper

Description: PSA1: This pendant is dyed Snakeskin Jasper and measures 43x22mm.  $5.25

PSA2: This focal piece is also snakeskin agate, and I'm told the color is natural but I have my doubts. 42mmtall X 40mm at the base. $5.75 sold


Snake Skin Agate


PSA3: This focal is dyded snake skin agate in a very soft peach color measuring 45mm  $5.75 sold

PSA4: This dyed snakeskin agate measures 60x 30mm $5.25


stone focal

Description:  10TP1:  This interesting shaped focal is a jasper that measures 3.25 inches from hole to bottom left point.  $5.50

10TP2:  This is an agate piece, same measurement.  $5.50

10TP2A not shown, same shape and size in Rose Quartz  $5.50


Purple Dyed Agate

Description: 10TP3:  This piece of dyed agate measures 58mm from hole to hole.  $4.75

10TP4:  This piece of agate measures 48mm from hole to hole.  $4.75


dyed agate

Description:  10TP5:  this piece measures 50mm in diameter with a 25mm hole.  $4.75

10TP6:  This piece measures 55mm in diater with a 25mm hole.  $4.75


Willow Creek Jasper / Red Creek Jasper

Description:  10TP7: This piece measures 55mm from hole to hole and 25mm wide in a puffy cut.  $5.50

10TP8: This flatbacked piece measures 60X30mm  $5.50  This was Tucson's new "find" this year.


XL Stone Focals

Description: 10TP10:  this piece of dyed agate measures 68mm in length. $6.75

10TP11:  This puffy oval measures 70mm in length by 50mm wide, drilled at the top.  $5.75


Crackled Agate

Description: 10TP12:  This dark crackled agate pendant piece measures 58mm in length and 30mm across the bottom.  $4.75

10TP13:   This pretty blue crackled agate pendant piece measures 58mm in length and 30mm across the bottom.  $4.75


Batiked Crackled Focals

Description: 10TP14:  This piece measures 50mm in diameter with a 20mm hole.  $4.75

10TP15: This piece measures 50mm in diameter with a 20mm hole.  $4.75


Chunky Bumpy Focals

Description: 10TP16:  This piece is possibly a tiger-iron that measures 68 in length with a 6mm hole.  The back side is polished but not flat like the side shown here.  Very interesting.  $5.75

10TO17:  This piece of rose quartz measures 53 in length with a 10mm hole.  The back side is polished but not flat like the side shown here.  Very interesting.  $5.75


Carnelian and Onyx Sandblasted

Description: 10TP18:  This piece of carnelian measures 35mm in diameter with a bird on the opposite side as shown on the onyx  piece.  $$3.75

10TP19: This piece of onyx measures 35mm in diameter with a dragon on the opposite side as shown on the carnelian  piece.  $$3.75


Reconstituted unknown  Dyed Hemme Jasper

Description: 10TP20:  This piece measures 50mm in diameter with nice depth in the coloring.  $4.75

10TP21:sold  This piece is also known as Aqua Terra Jasper, measuring 45mm from top to bottom and 45mm at the widest point. sold


Aqua Terra Jasper / Dyed Hemme Jasper

Description: 10T22:  This piece measures 45X45mm top to bottom and at the widest point. $5.50

10TP23:This piece measures 45X45mm top to bottom and at the widest point. $5.50

10TP24: This piece measures 45X4omm top to bottom and at the widest point. $5.50


Stone Focals

Description: 10TP25:  This puff rectangle measures 40X30 and probably dyed. $4.25

10TP26:  This piece of Aqua Terra Jasper is natural measuring 45mmX25 wide. $4.75

10TP27:sold  This stoneI'm not familiar with, interesting markings with depth, measuring 53X40mm  $4.75 sold


Black Agate

Description: 10TP28;  this piece is faceted measuring 55X25mm with nice markings. $4.75

10TP29:  This piece measures 32mm in diameter bt 8mm thick.  $3.50


Dyed Agate

Description: 10TP32:  This piece of agate measures 55X23mm.  $4.00

10TP33: This piece of agate measures 55X23mm.  $4.00


Dyed Aqua Terra / Hemme Jasper

Description: 10TP32: this hear t measures 32mm hole to point and 45 across.  $5.50

10TP33:  this piece measures 40mm in diameter. $5.50

10TP34:  this piece measures 60X30mm.  $5.50


Agate Focals

Description: 10TP35:  This dyed agate piece measures 64mmX45mm.  $6.75

10TP36  This natural agate measures60 in length by 45mm wide with a 10mm hole.  This one is flat on one side and rough but polished on the other side. $5.75


Jasper Focals

Description: 10TP37:  This jasper focal measures 35mm with light faceting on the surface.  $3.75

10TP38:sold  This Willow Creek Jasper flat backed piece measures 40mm in diameter. sold   Think fall now- they won't be around till then!


Crackle Agate

Description: 10TP39:  This crackled agate measures 45mm in diameter with large facets on the surface.  8mm thick. $5.00

10TP40:  this raku crackle looking oval measures 45X30mm.  $4.25


Dyed Aqua Terra Jasper / Hemme Jasper

Description: 10TP41: This piece measures 45mm in diameter.  $5.50

10TP42: this bright piece measures 45X35mm.  $5.50

10TP43:  this piece measures 40mm.  $5.50


Dyed Magnasite

Description: 10TP44:  This flat piece measures 38X35mm.  $3.75

10TP45:  This flat backed puffy piece measures 32tall by33 across the bottom.  $3.00

10TP46:  This flat sided piece measures 45 tall by 32mm.  $3.75


New Jade / Jasper

Description: 10TP47:  This carved leaf measures 50mm from stem to point and 38mm wide.  $4.00

10TP48:  This puff square  measures 48mm from point to point, top drilled.  $4.75


Azurite and dyed Magnasite

Description: 10TP49:  This chunky oval measures 40X32mm and 14mm thick.  Tumbled for a smooth finish but not a high polish.  $4.75

10TP50:  This piece measures 60X40mm  $4.50


Jasper Focals

Description: 10TP51:  This curved tear drop shape measures 4" from top to point.  Couldn't resist these shapes.  $5.75

10TP52:  This tooth shape measures 52mm from top to point and 15mm wide.  $4.00


Dyed Agates

Description: 10TP53:  This focal measures 40mm in diameter.  $4.50

10TP54:  this piece measures 32mm in diameter.  $4.00


Natural Agate

Description: 10TP55:  This piece measures 54mm from top to bottom and 5mm thick.  $5.25

10TP56:  This piece measures 50mm in diameter.  $5.00


Sodalite / ocean jasper

Description: 10TP57:  this piece measures 40X23.  $3.75

10TP58:  This puff square measures 38X38mm $4.75

10TP59: this piece measures 40X23.  $3.75


Aqua Terra Jasper / Dyed Hemme Jasper

Description: 10TP60:  This piece measures 40mm.  $5.50

10TP61:sold  This tear drop piece measures 50X30mm.  sold

10TP62:  this piece measures 45mm tall bt 45 across the bottom.  $5.50


Stone focals


PNFOSSIL: This piece measures 60x14mm and is a shell fossil called orthescaros.  $5.75

SPEND2: This piece of green jasper measures 40x40.  $4.75


Dyed Crackled Agate

Description: I've seen the crackle before, but not dyed.  These pieces measure 40x19mm and all are $3.75

CR3 sold


Snakeskin Jasper and Wonderstone


SP1B: This piece of snakeskin jasper measures 35mm from top to bottom and 50mm from point to point.  $5.50 sold

SP1c: This piece of wonderstone measures 40mm from hole to hole andd25mm across the widest point at the bottom. $4.50


Dyed Agate


These two focals are dyed agate measuring 50x25mm.  Either piece $4.50


Ocoe (small geod)Slices

After two years looking, I finally found these again. 

OCOE1: Measures 35mmx25mm



sold..but have replacements



Price: $3.50

Dyed Agate


PAG4A: This focal measures 65x48mm  $5.50

PAG4B: This piece measures50mm with a 4mm hole. $5.50 sold


Dyed agate


PAG5: 40mm hole to hole and 35 across the bottom. $4.75

PAG6: This focal measures 40mm hole to hole and 40 across the bottom.  $4.75


Natural Agate

Description:PAG8: This piece measures 58mm witht a 3mm hole that disapeared at the top...$5.50



natural agate

Description:  PAG9: this agate measures 58mm with a 3mm hole.  $5.50

Turquoise Goddesses

Description: T9GODDESSA: This goddess measures 50mm from head to toe with a 1mm hole. $8.00

T9GODDESSB: This goddess measures 35mm from head to toe in a greenish turquoise. $8.00

T9GODDESSC: measures 45 mm from head to toe in a dark blue turquoise. $8.00



Description: T9STONEA: This piece of tigereye measures 40x16mm with nice flashing. $4.00

T9STONEB: This piece of Bronzite measures 40X30mm. $4.50

T9STONEC: This piece of Labrodorite measures46x16mm with good flash at the right angles. $7.75out



Description: T9STONED: This diamond drilled green jasper measures 50mm point to point and would look great with copper. $4.50

T9STONEE: This piece measures 52x38mm with great markings. $5.75



Description: T9STONETURQF: This free form piece of turquoise is a nice blue with grey matrix measuring 32mm wide with a 3mm hole. $9.75

T9STONETURQG: This turquoise donut measures 50mm with a 10mm hole. $12.00



Description: T9STONEH: This piece of blue dyed agate measures 40x32 with a slight twist. $4.50

T9STONEI: This piece of dyed pink agate measures 40mm hole to hole with some crackling. $4.75



Description:T9STONEJ: This piece of Mookite measures 60mm from hole to hole and 30mm across the bottom. $5.50

T9STONEK: This piece of ocean jasper measures 60X30mm with a rougher texture. $5.50 SOLD

T9STONEL: soldI'm not sure what this stone is, probably dyed, but very pretty turquoise and browns. $5.50 sold


Druzy Quartz

Description:T9DRUZYA: These round flat pieces of druzy quartz measure 30mm, no holes, and naturally rough on the back side.  These would be suitable for wire wrapping, beading around or silver settings. $5.75

T9DRUZYB: $5.75




DescriptioN: T9STONEAMYA: This piece measures 45x25mm (at the base) with white agate markings and a slight twist. $5.50

T9STONEAMYB: This  flat oval piece measures 40x30mm. $5.00


Turquoise  Agate

Description: T9STONETURQM: This piece of Chinese turquoise measures 52x40mm, slightly domed on the front and flat on the back like a cabachon. $5.50

T9STONEN: This piece of flat agate measures 48x44mm with a 3mm hole. $5.75



Description: SOLD T9STONEO: This piece of agate measures50X30mm with nice coloring and banding. $4.75

T9STONEP: This piece of Mexican Porcelain Jasper measuring 40x40. $4.50



Description: T9STONEQ: This tube piece is made with agate and  banded with onyx. Measurements are 14mm diam x38mm long. $8.00

T9STONER: This etched piece of carnelian measures 32mm with a 3mm hole. $3.75




Description: T9STONES: This pink dyed agate measures 60X30mm  $5.50

T9STONET: This piece of fossil corral measures 60X30 with nice markings. $5.50 sold

T9STONEU: This piece  of dyed agate measures 60X30. $5.50



Description: T9STONEV: This dyed agate piece has nice dark brown markings and meaures 48x22mm. $4.75

T9STONEW: This piece o dye4d agate measures 50X50mm (corner to corner) with a 10mm hole. $4.75



Description: T9STONEX: This large puff coin measures 50mm diam. in sparkling rose colors. $5.50


Description: T9STONEY: This piece of black agate measures 45mm long and 43mm across the bottom points. $5.50

T9STONEZ: This piece of dyed agate measures 40x20mm with great markings. $4.75



Description:T9SIA: These agate pieces  have been etched, crackled and batiked to get these designs.  They measure 38mm long by20mm wide with a slight twist. $4.75

T9TSIB: $4.75

T9TSIC: $4.75



Description: T9CRACKLEA: This piece of crackle dyed agate has a nice salmon/coral tint measuring 30mm hole to hole. $3.75

T9CRACKLEB: This purple dyed crackle agate measures 30x20mm . $4.00

T9CRACKLEC: This coin piece measures 25mm with more of a carnelian look than A. $3.75




T9STONES: This heated treated carnelian measures 60X30mm  $5.50

T9STONET: This piece of heat treated carnelian measures 60X30 with nice markings. $5.50

T9STONEU: This piece is more of the unknown with pretty turquoise and browns,  measuring 60X30. $5.50 sold



Description: T9STONED1: this odd shaped focal is heat treated carnelian measuring 18mm wide and 42mm along the bottom. $4.75 out

T9STONED2: This dyed agate piece measures 20x28mm. $4.50


Crackle Carnelian

Description:This crackled carnelian pieces shown front and back, measure 40mm from hole to hole.

T9STONEE1: $4.75 sold

T9STONEE2: $4.75

T9STONEE3: $4.75


Porcelain Jasper  Mexico

PORCJPA:  this corner drilled pieces measures 38mm with a 1mm hole.  $3.75 sold

PORCJPB:  this corner drilled pieces measures 38mm with a 1mm hole.  $3.75

PORCJC:  this corner drilled pieces measures 38mm with a 1mm hole.  $3.75


Crackle Agate

CRACKLEPE:  This oval piece measures 40mm long by 14mm wide with am hole.  $3.50

CRACKLEPF:  This piece measures 35mm with a 3mm hole.  $4.75 SOLD


Fire Agate

FIREAGPA:  This flat oval piece measures 35x26mm with a fine crackle.  $3.00

FIREAGPB:  This piece has a slight twist to it, measures 40x30mm and is probably blush quartz that has been treated to crackle. (works nicely with cherry quartz.) $4.25



Carved Soapstone

Description:  1. carved tube soapstone, 38mmX 23mm $4.75

carved soapstone round bead, 25mm, $4.75


Lampwork Glass

LWIMPLOA:  These flower implosions measure 55x32mm with goldstone accents and metal ring bail.  $4.75

LWIMPLOB:  Blue  $4.75

LWIMPLOC: not pictured- pink flowers  $4.75

LWIMPLOD:  not pictured White  $4.75


Dichroic Glass

Description: T9DICHROA: This chunky piece measures 40x48mm with green and blue sparkling dichroic twist in the transparent amethyst glass.

T9DICHROB: This chunky piece measures 40x48mm with yellow and gold dichroic twist in transparent aqua glass.  $5.50



Description: This piece measures 60(includes the glass bail)X40mm.
Price: $5.50


Description:T9GLASSB: This whale's Tail measures 60mm from point to point and 40 from the top of the bail.  The picture doesn't show the goldstone and silver foil very well, but it's sparkly and understated all at the same time. $5.00

T9GLASSC: This black webbed heart measures 40mm from lobe to lobe and 50mm from the top of the bail to the bottom point. $4.75



ID: I'm learning that dichroic glass is hard to photograph!
Description: T9DICHROA: This triangular pendant shape is patterned glass measuring 30X45mm $7.75

T9DICHROB: This piece measures 45(bail to bottom), 25 across the top and 18 across the bottom. $7.75

T9DICHROC: This oval piece measures 45(including bail) X 28mm wide. $7.75


Polymer Clay

Description:T9PolymerM: This piece is made with a spotted brown jasper with quartz accent. $7.50

T9POLYMERN:out is lemon chrysoprase with an onyx accent  measuring 55mm from bail to bottom. $7.50out

T9POLYMERO: This piece is what I believe to be moss agate with a carnelian accent. $7.50


Silver Foil Glass

FOILPK:  This fused pendatn is a silver foil base measuring 38x25mm with a metal bail with 3mm hole.  $4.75

FOILPL:  This heart with a twist has a silver foil base with black and white accent, measures 45 from hole to point, and 45 at the widest part.  6mm hole.  $4.75


Glass Flower Pendants

GLFLWPA:  This aqua implosion flower pendant measures 55mm in length by 28mm wide with a loop hole od 6mm.  $4.00

GLFLWPB:  $4.00


Clay and Glass

ID: T9ClayGlassM
Description: This piece was made with white clay and transparent blue grey glass, measuring 35x28mm.
Price: $7.50

Clay & Glass

Description: This piece was made with the dark clay using a combination of light transparent amethyst and a transparent light aqua or teal with a spot of topaz.
Price: $7.50

Clay & Glass

Description: This piece was made with a buff colored clay and tourmaline green glass.  The lines you see in the glass are actually carved lines in the clay, allowing more glass to fill in making them more pronounced.
Price: $7.50

Raku Focal

Description: This focal piece has a little of the traditional crackling that we look for in Raku, with a copper gekko.
Price: $6.75

Stoneware Focal

Description: This piece with it's two matching beads were made on a white clay with a burntish teal green glaze.
Price: $7.50

Stoneware Pendant 1

Description: This pendant piece measures about 38 mm in diameter and is lightly textured with a teal colored glass frit.  The two stone strands are my recommendation for something interesting that goes nicely with it.
Price:  Clay1:  $5.00

AMAZONO: $9.25- russian amazonite 14x10mm ovals



These pieces are being

posted for you with the

intent that they would be

 used as focal points on one

 of your designs. The

descriptions should include

 size, material, cost, and

hole demensions where

 applicable. If you have any

 questions, please e-mail

me. Most of these will be

one of a kind, but often I

will have similar and can

send other pictures if neede

 Shipping costs will vary

according to weight plus

seventy-five cents to cover

the cost of the mailer. To

place an order, please

e-mail me with the order

and call my shop at

719-836-2698 9am to 5pm

mountain time with your      

credit card info if this is

your first time ordering.

Thanks, Pat .

Pat Pocius
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