Artist Profile

     My name is Pat Francis Pocius and I first want to thank you for taking the time to visit my site.  While I never wanted a website for my beads, I now see the value in this effort to bring my work out in another forum besides auctions and my shop.  I have fairly quickly developed a following for my lampwork art, and to make it easier for my regular customers to see what I have available, I have asked my son to build this site.

     My background in art started at Iowa State University with a degree in commercial art, graduating in 1978.  I then moved to Colorado immediately after graduation and South Park Pottery was established in June of 1979.  After several years working out of my home and traveling to art shows to sell my work, I opened a retail shop in Fairplay, Colorado in 1986.  While pottery was my main emphasis in the shop, beading had always been an interest since my mother gave me her "bead box" when I was young.  As my beading hobby got out of hand, I decided to put some of the beads I had bought on display for sale in my shop.  And once I saw that there was a market for beads even in this little mountain town, I decided to expand the bead line.

     Several years later I was introduced to lampworking while attending my first bead show in Denver.  I had always had an interest in glass, but had never had the opportunity to explore that field.  But one book and a beginner kit later, I was ready to get serious about lampworking.  That was April of 2001 and the beginning of Back Room Beads.  Now my pottery production has slowed down and more time is devoted to the torch.  Selling on e-bay was the next step, then came advertising in the bead magazines, also had to be explored, and now I'm on the road again showing in bead shows around the mid-west in the spring and fall, including promoting two bead shows of my own.

     My goal is to continue to produce my pottery line as well as make beads.  But through the years I've learned that once the pressure of making and selling enough product to "make a living" is applied to any art, the creativity and fun is very quickly taken away.  So I make the pottery to make a living, and I make beads for the fun of the art.  If you have purchased a bead or two from me, please know that your support of my work is very much appreciated.  I hope that my work inspires the creativity in you and that you are successful in your work, with my work.

                                                           Best Wishes in your beading,

                                                               Pat Pocius