Pine Needle Basket Starts


ID: Base2
Description: This piece measures 4.5" aat the widest point across by 3.75" from top to bottom, with a transparent glaze with a greenish tint.
Price:  $7.50

Base 13

ID: Base 13
Description: This piece measures 4.5" X 2.25" with some warpage so it doesn't sit exactly flat. This piece is a fusion of glass and clay.



Price: $6.75

Base 14

ID: Base 14
Description: This piece measures 3" X 2.74".
Price: $6.75

Base 15

ID: Base15
Description: This open piece measures 3.75" X 3.25" and the dark splotches are actually dark blue.


Price: $6.75

Base 16

ID: Base 16
Description: This large oval piece measures 6" long by 2.5" in heighth.
Price: $7.00

Base 17

Description: This triangular shaped piece is a pretty dark blue in color with lighter blue mottling in the center.  The piece measures 5.5" across the top length and 3.25" from top to bottom.


Price: $7.50

Flat Free Form Base

Description:  This piece measures 41/4"x21/8" and is made with a clay called Chestnut.  This piece has not been glazed but can be painted with acrylic paint to your liking or used as is.
Price: $4.75


ID: example
Description: This is a finished piece that my friend made using one of my pottery bases with off set holes.  I will have more full pots coming in the next few weeks.

Flat Base

Description: This piece was made with Chestnut clay stamped with a Chinese symbol and a pale pink glass melted on top.The glass doesn't match the shrinkage rate of the clay, so it has a distinct cupping to the piece. (Sits flat, but itsn't flat) This one measures 21/2" x 13/4".
Price: $4.00

Flat Base

Description: This is a raw piece of chestnut clay measuring 5 1/4" X 2 1/2".
Price: $4.50

Product Information

I have been a professional potter since 1978 and recently started making pieces for a friend of mine that makes pine needle baskets.  Since she tells me they are hard to find, I decided I would add these to my website to see if there is any interest.  The pieces pictured I have on hand unless they are marked sold.  I will also consider orders, as long as everyone understands that the glazes I use are limited.  Different shapes, sizes or hole patterns would not be a problem as long as I can understand what you are requesting.  I fire about once every six or eight weeks, so special orders might take a while to complete.

To purchase any of these pine needle basket bases, please e-mail the ID number(s) and then call with a visa or MC number at (719)-836-2698 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM mountain time. This is first come - first served and most of these pieces are one of a kind, though some could be made again somewhat close to the original. Sorry , no paypal.  Shipping will depend on the weight of the order.  Don't forget to check out my bead selection for embellishments for your baskets.

Your support of my work is very much appreciated!

Pat Pocius
South Park Pottery
Back Room Beads