Semi-Precious Gem Stone Strands


AMAZONE:  This puff rectangle has a slight rounded bevel to the edges, opaque pale milky blue measuring 12x10mm with 32 beads per strand.  $8.25

AMAZONF: out This strand of skinny tube beads measures 13x4mm with 30 beads per strand.  OUT $9.50



AMAZONQ:   I don't know what type of amazonite this is that it has so much black mixed in, and the aqua color is very pale as well.  This strand of puff rectangles measures 15x12mm with 25 beads per strand.  $10.50

AMAZONR:  This strand of flattened oval rectangles measure 16x8mm with 24 beads on the strand.  $9.75




DAMAZONNITE4:  this is another strand of the flat irregular shaped tab beads graduated in size on the strand.  The largest bead measures 16x12mm with 41 beads on the strand.  Coloring is pale translucent aqua.  $12.00


Poppy Jasper/Sesame Jasper



This flattened puff oval measures 10 X 8 mm with 41 beads per strand.  These strands are a little unusual as they don't have much of the black markings you usually see.

Price: 7.00

Sesame (Kiwi) Jasper

Description:  Sesamej1:  8mm rounds $8.75 OUT 

Sesamej2:  puffy coin shape bead measures 15mm.  $8.50 


Hemme Jasper/Snakeskin Jasper

Description: HEMMEJASPS1: This strand of puff rectangles measure 12x8mm with 33 beads per strand.  $14.75

HemmeJaspS2:  This strand of 8mm rounds has 52 beads per strand $14.75 OUT


Boulder Opal

Description:  This strand of boulder opal chips average 12x5mm with approximately 80 beads per strand.  Medium flash of opal through the strand.  $15.00


Description: This strand of puff ovals measure 16x12mm with 24 beads per strand.
Price: $10.00

Red Tiger Eye

Description: This strand of 8mm round beads has 50 beads per strand with nice flash.  $8.75

Tiger Eye

Description: TIGERC:out  This oval bead measures 20X15 with 20 beads per strand.  $12.75out

TIGERD: This strand of 10MM faceted beads has 39 beads per strand.  $16.50


Tiger Eye

Description: This strand of 8mm rounds has good flash and about 50 beads per strand.
Price: $9.00

Tiger Eye

Description:  10TTiger3:  this strand of 12mm rounds has 33 beads per strand. $12.00

10TTiger4:  this strand of ovals has 25 beads per strand measuring 16X12mm.  $9.75


Tiger Eye


10TTiger5:this strand of puff ovals measures 14X10 with 27 beads per strand.  Nice flash.  $9.75

10TTiger6:  This strand of puff coins measures 12mm with good flash and 34 beads per strand.  $9.75


Blue Tiger Eye

Description: 10TBTIGER1: This strand of12mm rounds has33 beads per strand.  $12.50

10BTIGER2: This strand of 6mm rounds has 63 beads per strand. $7.50 OUT


Red Tiger Eye

Description: 10RTIGER1:  This strand of 10mm rounds and has 34  beads per strand with good flash.  $13.75

10RTIGER2:  This strand of puff coins measure 10mm with 40 beads per strand with lots of flash.  $9.75


Red Tiger Eye

Description: 10TREDTIGER1A: This strand of puff ovals measures 14X10 mm with 29 beads per strand. Nice flash but finish polish is marginal.  $6.75

Picasso Jasper  Utah

PICASSOJB: out This strand of rondelles measures 6x4mm with about 125 beads per strand.  $13.75out

PICASSOJC1:  This strand of puff rectangles measure 15x8mm with 26 beads per strand.  $13.50


Picasso Marble

Description:  This strand of tumbled nuggets measures an average of 20X12mm with 22 beads per strand.  $8.75

Picasso Jasper  Utah

PICASSOJD:  This strand of skinny tubes measure 12x3mm with 30 beads per strand.  $12.00

PICASSOJE:  This strand of flat diamonds measure 13mm hole to hole and 10mm at the widest point with 28 beads per strand. $13.50


Picasso Jasper

Description: This strand of puff ovals measures 14x10mm with 28 beads per strand.  Most have a variety of soft grays, some with browns, some with black markings.
Price: $8.50

Smokey Quartz

Description: 10TSMOKEYQ1:  This strand of rondelles measure 12X8 with 55 beads per strand.  $14.50 

10TSMOKEYQ2: This strand of faceted rondeles measure 3X2mm with 182 beads per strand.  Very consistent in cut and size.  $22.00  OUT


Smokey Quartz

SMOKEYQC:  Ths strand of 6mm rounds has 70 beads per strand.  $7.50

SMOKEYQD:out  This strand of dark puff coins measures 6mm with 54 beads on most strands.  $7.50out